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November 23, 2023
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Johnny Depp Guitar-Feature Image with Guitar front and back along with artist playing live

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The Duesenberg Alliance Series Johnny Depp Guitar

Step into the world of music and movie stardom with the renowned Alliance Series Johnny Depp  Guitar.

Crafted in collaboration with Duesenberg, these guitars epitomize a fusion of vintage allure and cutting-edge craftsmanship.

Known for its exquisite designs and alluring tones, this instrument also reflects the artistic sensibilities of the celebrated Actor and musician.

Let’s explore the unique features that make these signature guitars an embodiment of the Artist’s captivating story and his rock ‘n’ roll musical prowess.

Introduction To Duesenberg Guitars

johnny depp guitar-Image of the Duesenberg company logo

Duesenberg Guitars Logo – Image courtesy of Wikimedia and is under the Fair Use.

Duesenberg is a respected German guitar manufacturer renowned for its Distinctive, high-quality instruments and accessories, celebrated for its fusion of classic design and modern innovation.

Founded in 1986 by Dieter Gölsdorf in Hannover Germany, the brand quickly gained recognition for its commitment to crafting instruments that deliver exceptional sound, playability and aesthetics.

The History Of Duesenberg Guitars

The founder’s story is of passion; creating superior instruments and drawing inspiration from classic guitar designs, Gölsdorf embarked on a mission to merge timeless craftsmanship with contemporary features.

Over the years, Duesenberg established itself as a hallmark of excellence, focusing on electric guitars, basses, and related accessories and attracting big-name/brand joint ventures.

One of the defining moments for Duesenberg came with the introduction of their “Starplayer” series in the late ’90s.

johnny depp guitar-Image of the Duesenberg Starplayer TV Guitar

A MIG Duesenberg Starplayer TV in Blue Sparkle- Image courtesy of Reverb

This series represented a revolutionary approach, combining elements from semi-hollow, solid-body, and archtop guitars.

The Starplayer’s design and versatility swiftly gained popularity among musicians, contributing to Duesenberg’s rise in the guitar market.

With an unwavering dedication to innovation, Duesenberg continued to expand its product line, offering a diverse range of instruments that appealed to various playing styles.

Each Guitar is meticulously handcrafted, incorporating premium components and meticulous attention to detail, making it a favourite among professional musicians worldwide.

Furthermore, Duesenberg’s reputation isn’t solely built on the craftsmanship of its instruments. The brand’s commitment to providing exceptional customer service and fostering community among musicians has solidified its position in the industry.

Brand Champions

Brand champions attracted to this company are constantly adding up with players like…

  • Billy Gibbons -ZZ top
  • Ron Wood- Rolling Stones
  • Joe Walsh & Glen Frey – Eagles

Along with the Artist and Guitar, we are looking at today…

Johnny Depp

johnny depp guitar-Image of Depp Playing live with the Hollywood Vampires

Johnny Depp playing live on June 20, 2018, courtesy of  Wikimedia – Author RaphPH – licensed under the CC BY 2.0

John Christopher Depp (June 9, 1963 ) is an American actor and musician.

The Actor

He has received multiple accolades and awards, including a Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild.

Being one of the most in-demand top-listed actors for over two decades, when you think Johnny Depp, the first thing to come to mind is some of the iconic roles that have made this 3 time Academy Award Nominee a household figure with movies like…

While Depp is widely recognized for his versatile acting, few might know about his equally compelling journey as a musician, with his love for music emerging long before his acting career took off.

Musical Aspirations

In the early 80s, Depp was already involved in several music projects and moved to California to find success with his band.

Still, like most struggling musicians, he started looking for side work to help support his musical aspirations, and on recommendation from long-time friend Nicholas Cage, and after using the same agent, Depp received his first screen appearance in Nightmare on Elm Street. (1984)

Acting As A Career

His goal of being a professional musician did not end up happening, but his side hustle “acting” flourished and quickly became his main gig, ultimately gaining fame in Hollywood.

Despite his successful acting career, his love for the Guitar and music remained a consistent and cherished aspect of his life, with music collaborations starting in 1994 and continuing with his most recent project Hollywood Vampires.  

(More on this later)

Not A Casual Pastime

Managing a busy acting schedule, his musical endeavours weren’t confined to personal enjoyment.

Depp’s playing extends beyond occasional collaborations or casual pastimes; it’s a genuine passion.

Playing Guitar In The Movies

johnny depp guitar-Image of Depp standing with a guitar

Depp – Image courtesy of – Tap to see more

In his movie Chocolat and Once Upon a Time in Mexico, you will find Depp playing for the silver screen, and you soon realize then that it was not a “standin” and he can genuinely play Guitar.

Along with earning his stripes as a musician with his Hollywood peers, he has also engaged in various musical projects with some of the biggest names in production and rock n roll. He has appeared in music videos for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Avril Lavigne and Paul McCartney.

He also performed with Marilyn Manson at the Revolver Golden Gods Awards 2012.

Depp was later featured as a guitarist on songs by Oasis, Iggy Pop, and Aerosmith.

In the 1990s, he was also a member of a musical group featuring Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea and Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones.

Sought After Guitar Skills

Depp’s guitar skills are now sought after in the music industry, leading to more playing opportunities with established artists and bands.

His unwavering dedication and collaborations with notable musicians underline his status as a versatile and committed artist in both the cinematic and musical realms.

Hollywood Vampires

johnny depp guitar-Image of the hollywood Vampire logo

Band Logo – Image courtesy of

One of the most notable phases of his musical journey came with the formation of the rock supergroup Hollywood Vampires. This band pays tribute to rock stars who passed away due to substance abuse, alongside Alice Cooper and Joe Perry of Aerosmith.

Formed in 2015, the supergroup released their self-titled debut studio album in September of the same year and made their live debut at The Roxy in Los Angeles.

The band has since done 3 world tours in 2016, 2018, and 2023, with touring members including or have included Duff McKagan and Matt Sorum of Guns N’ Roses and Robert DeLeo from Stone Temple Pilots.

It featured 11 classic rock covers and 3 original songs, all co-written by Depp.

Their second studio album, Rise, was released in June 2019. It consists mainly of original material, again including songs the Artist wrote, with a cover version of David Bowie’s “Heroes” sung by Depp.

His performances with the Vampires at various music festivals and live shows garnered positive attention, with audiences admiring his guitar playing and stage charisma.

johnny depp guitar-Image of the hollywood Vampires live onstage

Image of the Hollywood Vampires June 20, 2018- Image courtesy of Wikimedia – Author Raph_PH and is licensed Under the CC BY 2.0

Depp’s multifaceted talent as a guitarist became more publicly evident through the band’s performances where his guitar skills and stage presence were showcased.

What His Fellow Players Are Saying

When asked about Depp as a musician, Joe Perry and Alice Cooper go on to defend their most famous band member who reached his celebrity status in another genre.

Perry goes on to say…

“People who see Depp play will quickly forget the Actor or the characters he played. He is simply a natural who is well-versed in multiple musical styles.”

Alice Cooper pointed out that if Depp’s band did not make it earlier in his career, it was certainly not because of a “lack of talent of the guitarist.”

One of the most publicized musical collaborations for the Actor was that of…

Working With Jeff Beck

Depp has played and toured with none other than Jeff Beck. Who is described by Joe Perry as “the best guitarist in the world.”

Master Of Collaborations

Jeff Beck, a legendary guitarist known for his innovative and influential work, has collaborated with numerous renowned musicians.

johnny depp guitar-Image of Jeff Beck Playing onstage

Jeff Beck was not only a master of his sound but also used collaborations for inspiration.

Beck had an unrivalled unorthodox technique, ear and tone, and he used playing with other musicians as inspiration and a way to expand his sonic platform.

This Master of Collaboration Icon has spanned multiple genres and encompassed various artists in the music industry.

Like Beck, Depp has built a reputation as a respected musician and has collaborated with multiple artists.

“Stove Pipe Into The Light”

Music collaborations can sometimes be kept relatively low-key, especially if they are informal or personal projects, but Depp and Beck work together in a musical and professional capacity and did move out of the “stove pipe into the light,” with the Duo releasing a John Lennon cover in 2020, followed by Beck announcing the two would record an album together.

johnny depp guitar-Image of Jeff Beck & Depp Solo Album project 18

The Joint Ventured music project of Beck & Depp – Image courtesy of Amazon – Tap the picture to get yours.

The Collaborative Studio Album

18 is the cumulative efforts of Iconic guitarist Jeff Beck and Actor, producer and musician Johnny Depp. (See image)

This would be Beck’s final studio album, released on Rhino Records on July 15, 2022, before his death on January 10, 2023.

Tap Here To Get To A Look At Jeff Becks Signature Stratocaster

It features 13 tracks covering songs by the Beach Boys, Marvin Gaye, Everly Brothers and more, along with 2 original tracks written by Depp.

Upon release, the album received mixed reviews from music critics.

Beck & Depp Live

In May of 2022, Depp joined Beck onstage in the UK for several concerts, accompanying him on his last European and American tours from June to November.

Tribute Concert

johnny depp guitar-Image of Jeff Beck & Depp onstage

Depp performed at the Artists Tribute concert for his friend Jeff Beck.

After the passing of the Great Beck, Johnny would perform at the Artists Tribute concert held at the Royal Albert Hall in London (May 2023), where he would share the stage with guitar greats…

Duesenberg & Depp

Iconic Movie Star Guitars

Duesenberg and Johnny Depp have a long-standing friendship. So it is evident that for the first joint venture, the manufacturer would develop an exceptional “Artist Series” signature guitar, including a highly individual character and personal touch.

With the company taking on the task, the focus was a guitar 100% Depp to meet the actors’ needs and complement his style and story. (See image)

johnny depp guitar-Image of Johnny Depp Artist Series Limited Guitar

The Artist series original limited run of 52 models – Image courtesy of

Successful Guitar Line

After the success of the Actors Artist Series Limited run of 52, Duesenberg & Depp have gone into production with a new second version of the actors’ Guitar, making it one of the company’s most ambitious projects, with different changes to the next-gen.

johnny depp guitar-Image of Johnny Depp holding his Alliance series signature guitar

Duesenberg & Depp and the new version of the Alliance Series- Image courtesy of Amazon

What Is The Duesenberg Alliance Series?

This is a series of signature guitars specially made according to the specifications of each artist. They offer top workmanship, the best components, and incredible looks and may have longer runs in production.

The Guitar

The first thing you’ll notice about this Guitar (similar to the first model) is its unique aesthetic aluminum top over a solid American alder body, adorned with etchings of Johnny’s tattoos, each holding significant meaning to the Artist himself. (More on this later)

The Alliance Series Johnny Depp guitar also features a chambered body with an ash top for an unmistakable tone, 22 frets, a JD-63 single P90 pickup, a Diamond Deluxe Short Tremola and more. (See image)

johnny depp guitar-Image of the Johnny Depp Alliance series signature guitar

The Alliance Series Johnny Depp – with chambered body-aluminum top plate, single JD-63 pickup, 22 frets and more – Image courtesy of

Tech Specs


  • Model – Duesenberg Alliance Series
  • Body Type – Solid American Alder with sound chambers

The alder body with large sound chambers ensures a very comfortable weight and gives the Guitar that characteristic tone.

Chambered guitars are generally solid-style instruments with material removed from the body to form internal cavities and then covered with a top or cap.

This successful mix between a solid body and a semi-acoustic guitar can also increase sustain and resonance.

  • Top Material – Flat Aluminum plate
  • Colour /Finish – Black
  • Body Shape – Offset
  • Number of Strings – 6
  • Binding – Yes
  • Binding colour – Cream
  • Dimensions (top) -41 x 32,5 cm / 16.14″ x 12.6″
  • Height (side) – 4.5 cm / 1.8″
  • Weight –  8.50 lb
  • Body Finish – Black PUR lacquer
  • Pickguard – Yes
  • Country of origin – Germany


  • Neck Joint type – Glued or Set-In

A Glued/Set neck involves crafting a joint between the Guitar’s body and the neck and then solidifying the two parts with glue.

johnny depp guitar-Image of the Johnny Depp Alliance series signature guitar neck joint

A Glued/Set neck involves solidifying a guitar neck to the body with glue.- Image courtesy of

To Learn More About the 3 Types Of Neck Construction Tap Here
  • Neck Wood – 1-piece maple
  • Neck Width – 42,5 mm / 1.67″ (nut), 52 mm / 2.05″ (12th fret)
  • Neck Thickness – 21 mm / 0.8″ (1st fret), 24 mm / 0.95″ (12th fret)
  • Neck Profile – D-Shape
  • Scale length648 mm / 25.5″
  • Fingerboard Material – Indian rosewood
  • Fretboard radius – 305 mm”/ 12″
  • Fretboard Inlay”s – Dot (cream)
  • Frets – 22 jumbo 2.8 x 1″ mm with the Duesenberg Plek system guarantee for perfectly buzz-free frets in all positions.


Pleked is when you use a computer as a fret levelling tool, with an accuracy of .001″, along with this fretboard being carefully hand-finished for optimum playability and a smooth feel.

  • Trussrod – Steel dual-action
Tap Here To Learn More On The Different Types Of Truss Rods


All Duesenbergs have their own fitted Hardware, specifically designed to the smallest detail.

  • Tuners – Duesenberg Z-Tuners, “Art Diego” buttons on a black headstock
  • Diamond Deluxe Tremola Short-Bridge w/wrap-around Steel Saddles – Ensuring tuning stability and enabling quick and easy string changes thanks to its unique design. (See Image)
johnny depp guitar-Image of the Johnny Depp Alliance series signature guitar Bridge hardware

The Diamond Deluxe Short Tremola Bridge w/wrap-around Steel Saddles-Image courtesy of Reverb

  • Strap pins – Duesenberg standard
  • Hardware colour – Nickel

Power Station

Custom Wound 63 Single Coil

The single custom-tapped JD-63 P90 pickup, specially designed for this instrument, makes this Guitar even more unique.

johnny depp guitar-Image of the Johnny Depp Alliance series signature guitar hardware

Custom Wound JD 1963 P90 Single Coil Pickup with Coil Tap Switch and Single Volume control.-Image courtesy of Reverb

Having 1963 windings of wire (the year Johnny was born), this “S” configuration meets every characteristic of a classic open-sounding tapped single coil pickup but with a warmer, fatter, and crunchier tone.

  • Pickup Configuration – S (1x Single Coil)
  • Pickup – Duesenberg JD-63 P90 tapped single coil
  • Controls – 1 volume & Coil Tap Switch


Behind the volume control, you will find a small switch. (See image)

johnny depp guitar-Image of the Johnny Depp Alliance series signature guitar coil tapping switch

Coil Tapping switch for producing a more powerful guitar tone- Image courtesy of musiccentrecanada

If this is activated sonically, you get an additional boost on the JD-63 P90 pickup, producing an even more powerful, crunchier tone with plenty of punch.


Special Features

Engraved Aluminum Pickguard With Artist Tattoos 

Like the first limited series run, this next-gen Guitar is still as characteristic and unique as the man himself, with similar etched, tattoo-top-covered designs, each representing or symbolizing a significant event in his life.

The tattoos were photographed from Johnny’s body and redrawn by an artist to have them applied and immortalized onto the Guitar’s aluminum top. (See Image) 

johnny depp guitar-Image of the Johnny Depp Alliance series signature guitar tattoos

The Duesenberg Alliance Series Guitar with Depps matching tattoos-Image courtesy of Reverb-Depp Image is courtesy of Amazon and Tattoo Image courtesy of

Signature On Headstock

Turning the Guitar over, you will find a Johnny Depp signature on the back of the neck near the headstock. (See Image)

johnny depp guitar-Image of the Johnny Depp Alliance series signature guitar headstock with signature on the back of neck.

Back of Headstock sports the Artist’s signature- Image courtesy of

Added Accessories

  • Custom Lined Hardcase
  • All required Allen keys



Pros & Cons

  • Unique Design: The Guitar boasts a unique and visually stunning design, reflecting vintage aesthetics combined with modern features, offering a distinctive appeal
  • Versatile Tonal Range: The semi-hollow body design, custom pickups, and control settings provide a wide range of tones suitable for various music genres.
  • Craftsmanship and Build Quality: Duesenberg guitars are known for their exceptional craftsmanship, ensuring a high build quality and attention to detail.Exclusive Features: Tailored specifications and features associated with Johnny Depp’s preferences make this guitar a collector’s item, appealing to enthusiasts and fans.
  • Aesthetics and Detailing: Meticulous attention to design elements, finishes, and Hardware contributes to the overall appeal of the Guitar.
  • Resonance and Playability: The semi-hollow body construction offers excellent resonance while providing comfortable playability.
  • High Price Point: Duesenberg guitars, particularly limited-edition or artist-endorsed models, can be relatively expensive, making them less accessible to some musicians.
  • Limited Availability: Limited production numbers and exclusivity might make it challenging to acquire this specific model, especially after its initial release.
  • Personal Preference: The unique design and tonal characteristics might not suit every player’s musical preferences or style, as it has a distinctive personality tailored to Johnny Depp’s taste.
  • Weight and Size: Some players might find the semi-hollow body style a bit heavier than solid-body guitars, which can affect comfort during extended playing sessions.
  • Maintenance and Care: The Guitar’s intricate design might require specific care and maintenance, and finding compatible replacement parts might be challenging due to its unique features.

Final Thoughts

johnny depp guitar-Image of the Johnny Depp as Edward Scissor Hands and the Signature guitar

My first exposure to the Duesenberg guitars was at the 2023 Edmonton Guitar Show.

I knew Depp was a touring guitarist with playing skills but did not know that he had a couple of signature models at the time, so being the owner of this site primarily focused on this type of instrument, I needed to get on top of my research.

They are a joy to play; like their designs, they have a feel all unto themselves.

The best way to describe these instruments is a…

Fusion of artistry, classic craftsmanship, modern functionality and innovation.


I think this signature Guitar truly represents the vision brought to life through the artist’s eye and a brand’s dedication to excellence.

Priced High

While it boasts unique features, prospective buyers must weigh these factors against their musical needs and preferences, playing style and budget considerations. (They are not cheap)

The prices range from 3-5K USD, and the Limited runs considerably more.

Should You Add One To Your Collection?


Despite this Guitar having a distinct look, making it your own is still possible.

Some signature models are so identifiable that the Artist’s brand screams all over the instrument, no matter who plays it.

The cosmetic differences between the Limited edition and the Alliance series include…

  • Different tattoo placements, a back tattoo on the Limited, Tremolo as opposed to a fixed bridge, neck inlays, etc.

If you can find the original run, it’s nice to have the option.

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Stay the course, keep playing, and see you in a few weeks.

johnny depp guitar-Image of the company website logo

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Feature Image of Guitar (front) – courtesy of
Feature image of Guitar (back) -courtesy of
Feature image of Artist with Guitar – courtesy of
Photo of Johnny Depp’s signature -courtesy of Wikipedia and released in the PubDepp’smain
Photo of  Jeff Beck at the National Convention Hall Of Yokohama, Japan April 14 2014-Image courtesy of Wikimedia-Author Takahiro Kyono and is licensed  under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic
Depp Images for Tribute Concert – Image courtesy of Wikimedia -Author Raph_PH- and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic
Jeff Beck @ Bluesfest – Image courtesy of Wikimedia – Author ceedub13– is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic
Final thoughts image of Johnny Depp as Edward Scissor hands -Image courtesy of Amazon.
Final thoughts image of Guitar – Image courtesy of Reverb

The Duesenberg Alliance Series Johnny Depp Guitar


American alder chambered body


22 Frets


JD-63 single P90 pickup


Diamond Deluxe Short Tremola


Plek Fingerboard



  • Coil Tap Switch
  • Duesenberg JD-63 P90 tapped single coil-
  • Trussrod - Steel dual-action
  • Aluminum top covered in Johnny's tattoo designs
  • Johnny Depp signature on the back of the neck


  • High Price Point
  • Limited Availability
  • Your blog post on the Duesenberg Johnny Depp guitar was a fascinating read! The intricate details about the guitar’s design and its association with Johnny Depp’s style were captivating. Have you personally had a chance to try this guitar? I’m curious about its playability and sound quality. Additionally, the insight into how a particular instrument can embody an artist’s persona is intriguing. Do you think owning a guitar associated with a favorite artist influences one’s playing style or creativity?

    Reflecting on personal experiences with signature guitars, I’ve found that playing an instrument linked to an admired musician can indeed inspire a sense of connection and motivation. Have you encountered stories from musicians who felt a similar connection to their instruments? It’s impressive how an instrument’s design and legacy can impact both musicians and fans alike. Your article beautifully delves into this unique intersection of artistry and musical instruments!

    pasindu dimanka November 24, 2023 4:14 pm Reply
    • Hello Pasindu Dimanka

      Great to meet you, and thank you for coming by our site and leaving your comments on our newest post.

      You have some great questions; we will do our best to elaborate.

      My exposure to this Duesenberg guitar brand was at the last guitar show in our city, and the models I played were not this one, but I still got an excellent feel for the instrument.

      I would have to say yes if I feel that a signature model guitar can influence one’s playing style or creativity.

      As you said about connection and motivation, Owning signature guitars always inspires the player to want to do more on the instrument. Usually, if they have a signature model, it is based on one of the players that they look to for goals and aspirations.

      For instance, owning a Yngwie Malmsteen Strat is very specific about the player’s approach and skill desires, so if the player only wanted to play blues, this signature guitar would not interest his playing style or skill set.

      And yes, the connection between these signature guitars and other musicians has been collaborated. Other fellow players who own signature guitars find a special relationship to the instrument and its inspired legacy.

      Thank you for the support and intricate feedback; we always look to write for you, the reader, and try to add as much value as possible to the work.

      Please do not hesitate to read more of our posts and leave your thoughts.

      admin November 27, 2023 9:21 pm Reply
  • The attention to detail, from the engraved aluminum pickguard with Depp’s tattoos to the signature on the headstock, is truly captivating. I’m curious about its playability across different music genres and how it compares to other Duesenberg models. For those fortunate enough to snag one, does it truly capture Johnny Depp’s signature sound?

    Stratos K December 5, 2023 7:50 am Reply
    • Hello Stratos 

      Thank you for coming by and leaving your thoughts on this post.

      Indeed, this signature guitar is captivating and a testament to the relationship between Duesenberg and Depp.

      To help answer some of your questions about how it compares to other models, like any other brand, you will have guitars that have different features and appointments, so based on your preferences, this model might not have enough sonic variations as another, 

      One of the best ways is to find a distribution center with different Duesenberg guitars and play them for yourself; they are pretty different, and see what suits you and your playing style best.

      In terms of Johnny Depps’ signature sound, know that most of a guitarist’s tone comes from their fingers and ears first, which then gets channelled through the gear, so where I am going with this, Jeff Beck sounds like he does on any guitar, because of his fingers and ears first not just because of the gear.

      But this guitar will help you get some of his gear.

      I hope that helps. Please do not hesitate to read more posts on the site and leave your comments.


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