The Juggernaut is designed to give you warmer purer tones when used gently and an added bite when going harder. Like the Stealth, it comes with an ergonomic concave grip for control and comfort when playing, but it will sit a bit bigger in between your fingers and is a little thicker.

Specs For The Juggernaut

  • Material– Nylon
  • Pick Color– Purple
  • Pick Size – 3mm Thickness| Step Design Tip | Recessed Grip | 28mm Width |35mm Length
  • The Juggernaut 6-pack is 10.99

Wear Tear & Strings

Outside of loss, the Nylon/Carbon Fiber Mix materials make for a sturdy tool, so even as the pick starts to wear, it is not expected to lose the effectiveness of sound or play.

Also, no excess pulling or drag on the strings that could lead to overstring breakage.

The Viper

With the Triangle shape and 3-tip structure, you have lots of picks to hold on to and can use any of the 3 sides for playing, providing a brighter tone but with a smaller pick solid feel.

Acoustik Attak - Image of the Ambush Pik the Viper

A triangle 3-tip structure for clarity and precision- Image courtesy of

Specs For The Viper

  • Material– Nylon
  • Pick ColorAzure Blue
  • Pick Size – 1.4 mm Thickness| 32mm Width |35mm Length |25g Weight
  • The Juggernaut 5 pack is 9.99

Video On The Stealth Compared To The Jazz III