Specs For The Juggernaut

  • Material– Nylon
  • Pick Color– Purple
  • Pick Gauge – 3mm Thickness| Step Design Tip | Recessed Grip
  • Pick Dimensions – 28mm Width |35mm Length

The Viper

With the Tri-shape and Triangle structure, you can play any of the 3 sides, providing a brighter tone but with a smaller pick solid feel.

Acoustik Attak - Image of the Viper in blue

A triangle 3-tip structure for clarity and precision- Image courtesy of attakpik.com

Specs For The Viper

  • Weight25g
  • Material – Nylon
  • Pick Color Azure Blue
  • Pick Gauge  – 1.4 mm Thickness
  • Pick Dimension – 32mm Width | 35mm Length 

New For 2023

The Blade X

A new Hybrid pick made from the Stealth XL and Original Blade design comes with the grip and ergonomics of the Stealth but with the revised version of the original Blade tip.

The original Blade above the ridges is a more flimsy material; with the new design, increased Thickness and rigidity, you will get more of the Stealth feel in your hands.

With the revised Tip of the X, the ridges will give you a sonic effect similar to the original Blade design, but if you do not wish to have the strings make contact with the ridges, the new flat Tip gives you the feel of a flat pick. (See Image)

Acoustik Attak - Image of the new Blade Design pick

New Blade with a reinforced concave center area w/ 12 node matrix surface thumb inset and revised tip Image courtesy of attakpik.

Specs For The Blade X

  • Weight 1.5g
  • Material– Nylon
  • Pick Color-Yellow
  • Pick Gauge – 3mm  Thickness | Recessed Grip
  • Pick Dimensions – 28mm Width |36mm Length 

Devin Townsend’s EarthTone Tripick

Working in a Joint Venture with Musician Devin Townsend, Acoustik Attak has produced the EarthTone Tripick with one side featuring a serrated edge for a grittier effect on the strings. (See Image)

Acoustik Attak - Image of the new Tripick with one serrated edge on the pick

Image of the new Tripick with 1 side sporting Serrated Edges, along with the raised company logo and an arrow pointing to the unique edges -Image courtesy of attakpik.

Specs For The EarthTone Tripick

  • Material– Nylon Mix
  • Pick Color– Earthtone
  • Pick Gauge – 1mm Thickness (+0.2mm raised grip)
  • Pick Dimensions – 34mm Width | 32mm Length

Stealth III

This next-gen version of the Stealth is smaller than the original. Still, it provides the same Curved-bevel tip structure for control and increased pick precision for easy glide across the strings, producing a darker tone than the originals.

Some of the redesigns are the concave grip and added raised nodes, and the Shaved top point increases hand comfort along with its GITD agent in all colour variants. (See Image)

Acoustik Attak - Feature image of a the Stealth, Stealth XL and new Stealth III

This next-gen version of the Stealth has a new concave grip, raised nodes, and a Shaved top point—image courtesy of Attakpik.com.

Specs For The Stealth III

  • Weight – 0.5g
  • Material– Nylon/Carbon Fiber Mix
  • Pick Color– Clear or Grayish/Blue (Both GLOW in the dark)
  • Pick Gauge – 2.4 mm less center indentation of 0.6mm 
  • Pick Dimensions – 27 mm long / 21 mm wide

Wear Tear & Strings

Outside of loss, the Nylon/Carbon Fiber Mix materials make for a sturdy tool, so even as the pick starts to wear, it is not expected to lose the effectiveness of sound or play.

Also, no excess pulling or drag on the strings that could lead to over-string breakage.

More New Designs For 2023

The Company is not slowing down with the injection of ideas and concepts; they have also gone forward with Custom Printed Picks on the White Stealth and GITD Radium to make them even more attractive.

If you are not wanting to Custom Print your own picks, they have limited edition ‘Art Pick” designs on the same White Stealth and Radium templates.


Video On The Stealth Compared To The Jazz III