The Yamaha Silent Guitar SLG 200s

December 11, 2022
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Yamaha silent guitar slg200s-Feautre Image of the Steel and Nylon String

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Power Up With The Yamaha Silent Guitar SLG 200s

Who is Yamaha

The Yamaha Company is a Japanese multinational corporation founded by Torakusu Yamaha in 1887, with leading manufacturing of PC products, audio/visual, home appliances, industrial robots and more.

The Yamaha Music Foundation

Started by the Yamaha Corporation in 1954 and established in 1966, the Yamaha Music Foundation was created by the Japanese Ministry of Education to promote musical education.

It was designed to enable the teachers and students to increase their musical knowledge, techniques, and competence and take their skills as far as the artists desired, from fundamentals to the professional stage.

Yamaha Instruments

In 1990 the company started the production of pianos, and in 1983 created its first commercially successful digital synthesizer, the DX7.

In the late 1990s, Yamaha released a series of portable battery-operated keyboards under the PSS and the PSR, which was proven successful and popular.

Company Accolades

Yamaha silent guitar slg200s-Image of the Company logo

The Yamaha company logo-Image courtesy of and is in the public domain

The Music and Sound Retailer magazine in 2007 awarded Yamaha with “Keyboard of the Year” and “Product of the Year” for the YPG-625.

The logo still reflects the relationship between the company and the Keyboard in the trio of interlocking tuning forks to this day.

Yamaha has grown into the world’s largest musical instrument manufacturer, including…

  • Drums, 1967
  • Brass and woodwind instruments 1965
  • Violins, violas, cellos &
  • Guitars 1942

5 Decades of Guitars

The company started building guitars in the early ’40s, eventually opening up a factory dedicated exclusively to guitar construction, producing classical nylon string models sold by retailers in Japan through the 50s and ’60s.

Celebrating over 50 years of being one of the instrument’s predominant guitar manufacturers in the States and other countries, maintaining a substantial market share in the guitar niche, their guitars have attracted artists from all over and have sold in impressive numbers.

Beatlemania & Yamaha

With the world being infected with Beatlemania in the mid-’60s, guitars were being purchased more than ever.

In the US, domestic guitar companies struggled to meet the demand, especially in the middle-class budget sector with the wanting for affordable low-cost instruments, forcing the guitar companies to turn to Asian manufacturers to fill the supply.

Yamaha silent guitar slg200s-Image of the Beatles statues on Abby road

The Statue of the Beatles on the Pier Head in Liverpool-December 2015- depicting the Fab Four strolling along the River Mersey. was unveiled on the 50th anniversary of their final public appearance in the city.

This benefited Yamaha, for the company already had more than 2 decades of experience building guitars.

And in 1966, Yamaha sold their first export models, all consisting of classical and dreadnought models along with Electric and Bass guitars.

The materials, craftsmanship & playability of the company’s guitars were noticeably better than most other budget priced instruments sold by other companies throughout the ’60s & ’70s, resulting in popularity in the beginner as well as experienced acoustic guitar market.

And in 1967, the company established a Custom Shop for high-end instruments and joint ventured with outside experts to collaborate on new designs and models.

Custom Shop For A Beatle

Ironically in the 80s, while on vacation in Japan, John Lennon ordered a new Country Jumbo CJ-52 guitar from Yamaha’s Custom Shop.

The guitar featured an intricate dragon graphic on the body, a Chinese character for a dragon on the headstock, and a yin-yang symbol below the bridge, all done using Japanese Maki-e lacquer with gold and silver powder.

It remains the most expensive guitar built by the Yamaha custom shop.

(See Image)

Yamaha silent guitar slg200s-Image of the Yamaha Dragon Guitar

Image of the custom shop Yamaha Country Jumbo CJ-52 Dragon Guitar  using Japanese Maki-e lacquer with gold and silver powder-Image courtesy of and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

Setting Up In America

In 1989, Yamaha opened a Guitar Development facility in North Hollywood, California, where the company created 2 highly successful series of guitars, the Weddington and the Pacifica, with the latter still in production today.

Constantly innovating with new concepts and designs, in 2003 and again in 2015 Yamaha introduced a radical new instrument…

The SLG Silent Guitar

200S & 200N Models

This instrument features a minimalist body design with a full-size neck, a right-hand playing surface no wider than the fingerboard, and a see-through guitar-shaped frame, giving you some new unique striking looks.

(See Image)

Yamaha silent guitar slg200s-Image of SLG 200N full body

The Yamaha SLG200N Nylon String Silent Guitar, w/Translucent Black Finish- Image courtesy of image to purchase.

New Body Technology

Creating a body construction technology called Alternative Internal Resonance (AIR), introduced in 2005; the process places lightweight resonant tonewoods sandwiched between 2 external layers of hard tonewoods, resulting in structural integrity and minimum weight.

Along with a process where the structure of the wood is treated to enhance its sound transmission capabilities and responsiveness called Acoustic Resonance Enhancement (ARE) introduced in 2008.

The first Yamaha revolutionary niche-based guitars were nylon-string, with the re-release offering steel-string versions.

(See image)

Yamaha silent guitar slg200s-Image of SLG 200S full body

The SLG200S (Steel String) w/Crimson Red Burst finish-Image courtesy of

The “Silent Guitar” offered a preamp /pickup SRT system to allow headphones to plug into the guitar directly for playing or practicing in silence, or a line out to amplify your instrument through an amplifier or PA for live performances, giving you a realistic electro-acoustic sound with a variety of functions without any feedback.

(Read on)

Tech Specs


  • Full-Size body type– Ultraslim minimalist solid-body design w/single cutaway, allowing for complete access to the upper register of the neck, unlike traditional nylon string instruments.
  • Back & sides material – Maple and Rosewood laminate with AIR/ARE frame
  • Centre block -Solid Mahogany
  • Number of strings – 6 w/Steel string or Nylon string models
  • Body finish- Gloss
  • Finishes – Crimson Red Burst, Translucent Black, Natural, Tobacco Brown Sunburst.
  • Orientation- Right-handed
  • Weight – Between 4.62 & 11.99 pounds on selected models


  • Nut width -1 11/16″ (43mm)  for the 200S
  • Nut width – 1 31/32″ (50mm)  for the 200N
  • Neck profile – Slim and low-action setup
  • Fingerboard material– Rosewood for easy playability
  • Neck wood-Mahogany
  • Scale length- 25″ (634mm)
  • Based on Steel or Nylon models, the fretboard Width – is 43m – 55mm (1 11/16 – 2 5/32 inch).
  • Number of frets- 22 200S/19 200N
  • Neck finish– Satin

Sound Configuration

Crammed Into The Centre Block

  • A Side-mounted Yamaha preamp (SRT) – Giving you ultraquiet performance and studio-quality miked acoustic-guitar tone. (More on this later, and…)
  • An Under-saddle bridge Piezo Pickup – Allowing for more variation in the instrument’s sound pallet.

(See Image)

Yamaha silent guitar slg200s-Image of SLG 200 body with electronics

The Yamaha SLG200S (Natural) with solid mahogany centre block, SRT Technology & Piezo Pickup under the bridge-image courtesy of

What Is The Studio Response Technology

SRT Powered Preamp

This digital sound technology is used to recreate an acoustic guitar body’s resonance without the acoustic guitar body, modelling the tones of a high-end Yamaha acoustic in a recording studio environment.

The technology blends an in-studio-miked acoustic tone, reproducing the resonance and ambience of the acoustic guitar sound to its natural sustain.

They are freeing players not to have to deal with complicated procedures involved in the mic process of an acoustic guitar when recording at home, studio or live.

SRT Controls

Yamaha silent guitar slg200s-Image of SLG 200 electronics

SRT controls with 2AA battery compartment, on-off power, tuner, volume, 2 band EQ, Effects, AUX controls, Headphone jack and more- Image courtesy of

In Order From Left To Right

  • Battery compartment for 2 AA batteries
  • On/Off Power
  • Onboard tuner- A built-in precision chromatic tuner.
  • Piezo pickup/Mic controls
  • Preamp EQ– 2-band-treble and bass EQ
  • AUX input controls– Allow you to adjust & play along with music from your devices

Studio Quality Effects

You also get 3 significant effects on the system, 2 reverbs and 1 chorus to further tailor your tone with controls to blend the 3.

  • Reverb 1 – Gives you a room reverb
  • Reverb 2 -Gives you hall reverb, giving your solos more presence
  • Chorus -To widen your sound

Stereo Headset Capability For Ultra-Quiet Practicing

  • Headphone input-Hear yourself playing with studio-quality acoustic sound and posh effects in privacy, all in stereo.

Under The Mahogany Center Block

You get the option of an AUX input (3.5mm jack) that you can plug in your favourite tunes, letting you jam along to the backing tracks and control the sound balance from the SRT panel, and a & DC power jack option.

(See Image)

Yamaha silent guitar slg200s-Image of SLG 200 underneath body with electronics

The 3.5mm AUX and the DC Power jack under the Center Block of the SRT Panel-Image courtesy of


  • Tuning machines– RM1242N-4
  • Bridge- Rosewood
  • Fixed pickguard-Plastic

Special Features

A Detachable Wooden Frame For Easy Transport

The collapsible design breaks the guitar down into 2 sections for easy travel simply by removing the screw guitar strap locks.

(See image)

Yamaha silent guitar slg200s-Image of SLG 200 strap locks

By removing the screw-in strap locks, you release the upper portion of the guitar creating a compact instrument for travel-Image courtesy of

The lower side of the guitar is permanently fixed, but the upper part of the design slots in and out and comes with a soft carry gig bag and can fit into an aircraft overhead compartment.

Dual Action Truss Rod

Unlike most nylon string classical guitars, the SLG200N comes with a dual-action truss rod, allowing for more control of the setup process and stability in different climate changes.

Want To Learn More About Guitar Truss Rods? Tap Here

Great Live guitar

This instrument can give you an ultra-quiet acoustical experience at high-stage sound volumes, the ability to operate your favourite peddles without any feedback issues, and without the large dreadnought body limiting your onstage mobility and freedom.

Yamaha silent guitar slg200s-Image of Brian May and his SLG 200N performing live

Brian May live with his SLG 200N “Red Special” Yamaha- image courtesy of Pinterest, uploaded by Bruno Camadini.

Video On The SLG 200 S & N

Pros & Cons

  • Full-Size Body Shape w/A.I.R & A.R.E Technology
  • Mahogany Centre-Block
  • Rosewood Fingerboard
  • SRT Yamaha Preamp & Under-saddle Bridge Piezo Pickup
  • Onboard Tuner
  • 2-band EQ & Effects
  • AUX Input
  • Stereo Headset Capability
  • Detachable Wooden Frame
  • Versatile
  • Affordable
  • Not Sure If SRT Can Get Repaired If Broken
  • Limited Finishes
  • Lifespan Of The Components

Final Thoughts

Because of my travel needs, I am always looking for a guitar that will meet my demands to maintain my fingers daily.

There are several travel instruments, but this one hits home in overall design, sound and versatility.

Working as an instructor for a Yamaha Dealer for many years, you can see firsthand how well-built and designed this equipment is.

Yamaha has solved a problem that travelling guitarists have always had to deal with because of the bulk of a guitar: finding space for their instruments can be especially problematic.

I am a big fan of nylon string acoustics for overall finger maintenance and sound, and this one fits the bill outside of the neck.

The SLT 200N does not have the same neck profile or fingerboard radius as a traditional nylon string acoustic, but you can get that option in the SLT 200NW model.

Yamaha silent guitar slg200s-Image of SLG 200/N for CTA

To Get A Yamaha SLG200N Nylon String Guitar, Tap Above-Image Courtesy of Amazon

Would You Add This To Your Collection?


Whether practicing at home, on a fly gig, or recording, you owe it to yourself to discover what the Yamaha SLG200 Silent Guitars can do for you.

Even with the trendier guitar companies taking up the spotlight, Yamaha’s reputation for quality and value still can satisfy and provide an instrument for everyone from beginner to pro.

They have it priced right, and outside of the shelf life of the technology, it’s a no-brainer.

As with all of the Yamaha higher-end guitars, the intonation is dead on.

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I would like to hear your comments in the section below, and if you would like me to review a favourite guitar, give me a request.

As always, stay the course and keep playing.

Feature image of the Yamaha SLG200S (Steel String/Front ) & SLG200N (Nylon String/Back) Courtesy of
Image of the Beatles Statue courtesy of  Graham Metcalfe from Pixabay

Yamaha silent guitar slg200s-Image of Gstringuitars logo

The Yamaha Silent Guitar SLG 200s


Full Size Ultra-Slim Body Type


Steel or Nylon String Variations


Preamp & Bridge Piezo


Studio Quality Effects


Detachable Wooden Frame



  • Maple and rosewood laminate AIR/ARE frame
  • Solid mahogany centre-block
  • A number of Design Variations
  • Onboard tuner & DC power jack (
  • AUX input controls & Stereo Headset Capability


  • Limited Finishes
  • Lifespan Of The Components
  • Yamaha Silent Guitars,

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge, expertise and skill regarding your Yamaha silent travel guitars. I am glad that you shared some historical information on how Yamaha opened their Guitar Development facility in North Hollywood in 1989. Looks like they have been beautifully handcrafted. They appear to be very sturdy and very versatile. Moreover, from my perspective, these guitars are well-designed, they are extremely portable, and I love the super modern look.

    Thank you for providing the video. It gave me another visual of the guitar’s versatility. Your Yamaha guitars are very unique, and I plan to keep your website in mind should I decide to make a guitar purchase in the near future. Your website is very impressive.

    Rachele Phommacharinh December 16, 2022 6:10 am Reply
    • Hello Rachele

      Thank you for your visit to the site; you found value in the post.

      Yes, these instruments are indeed innovative and functional, especially if you are a musician who travels, for guitars do not appreciate being left behind…LOL.

      Yamaha has always been a guitar that holds a place for me; the first signature guitar that i fell in love with was the Carlos Santana Yamaha SG2000 Devadep model, and I am always searching for an SG for my collection.

      We appreciate the positive feedback on the site and will do our best to keep bringing you quality content, and do not hesitate to come by again.


      admin December 16, 2022 5:28 pm Reply
  • The brand name Yamaha is one of the most popular in the industry. I have used Yamaha guitars but did not know it has its foundation for as long as 1954. What I love most about Yamaha products is the quality. I believe the quality has helped the business take over both guitar and keyboard. 50 years of business is a show of trust

    Parameter December 20, 2022 7:30 am Reply
    • Hello Parameter 

      Thank you for your visit and for leaving some feedback; and glad you found some value in the post, and if the message is that you are getting an excellent concept instrument out of this, you would be right.

      This travel guitar is excellent, and with the Yamaha culture behind it, you will never go wrong.

      Again thank you, and visit again.

      admin December 20, 2022 8:34 pm Reply
  • Where can I order for a left-handed Yamaha SLG200N or SLG200S?

    YL Yap March 28, 2023 2:09 pm Reply
    • Hello YL Yap

      Great to meet you, and thank you for your visit to our site.

      To answer your question, the best place to find an SLG 200 N or S would be directly on the companies website at Yamaha for these are not as accessible as the traditional right-hand options, but they do make both.

      I would also ask for this model on some of the major used platforms like Sweetwater or Reverb

      Let me know how your search goes.


      admin March 28, 2023 6:36 pm Reply

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