The Enya Nova Go Guitar SP1 Acoustic Electric

March 29, 2023
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The Enya Nova Go Guitar- Feature image for Post of Guitar front and back

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The Enya Nova Go Guitar SP1 Acoustic Electric

Who Is Enya

Enya Nova Go Guitar-Company Logo

Company logo – courtesy of Enya Music

Founded in 2011 by Haiming Hu, with headquarters in Huizhou, China, Enya International Musical Instruments Co., Ltd has become a global manufacturer of fine string instruments, namely ukuleles, travel and standard guitars, building a reputation for the quality of their models.

Enya” is a name used to represent…

  • Humility
  • Thankfulness and Elegance

Along with the company’s corporate messaging, “For the love of music.”

Crafting its first instrument in 1995, this company has grown to become one of the world’s leading brands of ukuleles sold globally, with a team of over 300 people and distribution to 40 countries with offices, warehousing and factory service centers in Houston, TX, USA.

The company’s focus and what separates them from others in the market is the dedication to innovative designs, advanced manufacturing techniques, craftsmanship, consistency, and industry-leading standards for…

  • Creativity
  • Playability &
  • Affordability-delivering beautiful sounding and playing instruments at a highly competitive price point.

Enya Music guitar model lineups range from Acoustic to Travel Guitars with unique carbon fibre composite materials.

What Is A Travel Guitar?

Travel guitars are created with the traveller in mind, designed smaller and lighter (1/2 – 3/4 the size of a regular guitar) but with a full or nearly full-scale length, and easy to transport. (i.e. can be put in the overhead storage area of an airplane or train)

This marketplace has increased over the years, with many designs and materials emerging, allowing players to maintain their dedication even while travelling.

Why Use Carbon Fibre For A Guitar

Firstly, using Carbon Fibre or other non-wood materials on a guitar is not a new concept, with Ovation guitars using Lyrachord  (a fibreglass composite) to create rounded-back instruments to the present day.

Ovation and Adamas guitars were the first to use these technologies in guitar making, taking their high-end hand-made USA guitars and placing Carbon Fibre tops instead of wood.

Follow This Link To Learn About The Yngwie Malmsteen Signature Ovation

Carbon Fibre material can produce a loud, rich acoustic balanced tone that resonates as well as a tonewood but with more durability.

Is Carbon Fibre Better Than Wood?

Tonewoods & Bracing

Tonewoods can be inconsistent from one guitar to the next and are susceptible to environmental factors and changes (I.e. physical force, temperature, humidity, UV, etc.), causing warp or cracks, along with…

Internal bracing (Used for rigidity and strength) interferes with sound transfer and resonance, affecting the sound.

A Carbon Fibre acoustic guitar material is more durable and stable than its wooden counterpart, with environmental factors not affecting changes in the build material.


It does not need traditional bracing because of the material’s strength; from this reduction in bracing, you enhance the sonic tones, maximize resonance, and be lightweight.

These Carbon Fibre models are as good as wooden guitars, with often very minimal noticeable differences in acoustic tones between the two.

The Enya Nova Go Acoustic Plus

The durable Enya Nova Go makes a lightweight instrument that is temperature, humidity and water-resistant.

Designed with an arched back, a round-edged body, a 16″ radius fretboard w/round-end frets and a Zero-fret design, this acoustic comes in a Standard or with an Optional SP1 AcousticPlus 2.0 system. (Read on)

Enya Nova Go Guitar-Image of Guitar in Black the SP1

The Enya Nova Go Carbon Fibre Acoustic Electric Guitar SP1 In Black- image courtesy of

Tech Specs

2 Piece Body Glued Together

  • Top Material Carbon Fibre & Polycarbonate
  • Body & Back Material –Carbon Fibre & Polycarbonate 
  • Body Shape – Single cutaway with a round edge and arched back (Smaller version of a Les Paul Standard)
  • Body Depth – 2-7/8″
  • Weight – 4.0 lbs
  • Lower Bout – 11-3/4″
  • Total Length – 35″
  • Scale Length – 23-1/8″
  • Model- Nova Go/ 35″ (1/2)
  • Product dimensions -35.16 x 11.73 x 3.94 inches
  • Finish – Satin w/5 different colours.-black, white, pink, green, purple.
Enya Nova Go Guitar-Image of Guitars in all available colours

The SP1 Nova Go comes In 5 colour options-Image courtesy of


  • Neck MaterialCarbon Fibre & Polycarbonate
  • Neck Joint- Ergonomic 1-piece moulded -For easy hand access to higher regions. (See Image)
Enya Nova Go Guitar-Image of Guitar neck joint and ergonomic design

One Piece moulded neck and body design with ergonomic horn cutaway for full access to the higher frets- Image courtesy of Amazon.

  • Guitar Bridge- Fixed – w/Bone Saddle for improved tone and sustain.

Unlike traditional acoustic guitars, the Enya Nova Go bridge is a moulded cohesive part of the top accessory that will never detach, and string pegs with a screw-to-lock option instead of standard fictional force. (See image)

Enya Nova Go Guitar-Image of Guitar molded bridge

A cohesive bridge with screw-to-lock string pegs and Bone Saddle – Image courtesy of Enya Music USA

  • Neck Profile– U shape
  • Fingerboard edges – not rolled
  • Fingerboard radius – 16″
  • Nut -Fixed and moulded into the neck
  • Nut Width – 1-5/8″
  • Nut Material – Graphite
  • Fret Finishpolished to round edges for a more comfortable hand feel
  • Number of Frets – 20
  • Fret Material – Nickle Silver
  • Zero fret design– (more on this later)
  • Enya Tuning Machine heads-Black Die cast-smooth, stable and sturdy
  • Truss Rod – yes, for added adjustability with rubber truss rod cover. (See image)
Enya Nova Go Guitar-Image of Guitar Head stock with tuning pegs and zero fret design

An Enya Go SP1 w/Fixed Graphite nut with zero fret design, rubber truss rod cover and Enya Die Cast Metal Tuning Heads-Image courtesy of Amazon

Do Carbon Fibre Guitars Need Truss Rods?

With the nature of the material, unlike wood, carbon fibre is not affected by temperature or humidity, is stable and will not shift, warp or bow over time, leaving guitar builders to say that truss rods are not needed in the necks. Still, Enya has installed a truss rod in this travel axe for string action adjustability.

Smart SP1 Preamp Power Station

Added Sonic Canvas

First, this is still an acoustic guitar and can be played with no preamp sounds. Still, This SP1 innovative pickup system gets you 4 built-in preset sounds or mode options, with no amplification, pedals or apps, simply by pressing the switch on the top arch of the instrument and identifying by colours. (See image)

Enya Nova Go Guitar-Image of Guitar SP1 pre amp settings

4 preset modes and their respective colours – image courtesy of Amazon

The 4 Presets/Modes  w/Selected Colours & Effects

  1. Press and hold to start (Green) to indicate an acoustic preset similar to the guitar alone (without the SP1)
  2. The Light blue gives you a Chorus Delay 
  3. Purple is a Fusion of Delay and an Auto-Wah 
  4. Blue indicates a preset with a Reverb

Along with turning the silver knob for volume control.

Added Options

Line Output Jack/Audio Interface

The guitar also has a standard  1/4 “output jack (included) for plugging into amplification or audio interface options.


USB Charging port (cable included) charges the 1 Lithium Ion battery while plugging directly into your PC, working with the free downloadable APP.

Enya Nova Go Guitar-Image of Guitar Line input jack and USBC port

1/4 “input Jack and USB Charging Port for the  recording on software or phone -Image courtesy of Amazon

APP Friendly

The free downloadable App (for IOS or Android) is available with a connection via Bluetooth from your phone to your guitar and gives you an onboard speaker.

The APP also allows you to add features to your guitar, like…

  • Sound settings- The ability to edit the presets 
  • Added Sounds – i.e. overdrive
  • Ability to layer effects and save custom-created sounds on your App for future use
  • Tuner
  • Drum beats/Metronome
  • Backing tracks
  • Chord diagrams

Special Features

Zero Fret

What Is A Zero Fret

Designed to serve as a function of the traditional nut, a fret is placed at the top of the neck at zero position. A nut is still required and located behind the zero fret to establish the correct string spacing and stability. (See image)

Enya Nova Go Guitar-Image of Zero Fret design and nut

A  Hopf Saturn 63 electric guitar with the nut behind the Zero fret- Image courtesy of Wikimedia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported.

Zero Fret Functions

  • It establishes the start of your guitar scale length.

Scale length on a guitar refers to the length of the vibrating open string between the nut/zero fret and Saddle along with…

  • Establishes string action 

With the strings resting atop the zero fret, this design holds the strings the correct distance above the other frets on the instrument’s fretboard setting the string action. (See Image)

Enya Nova Go Guitar-Image of Zero Fret design drawing

How Zero Frets set the string action over the first fret and fretboard-Image courtesy of Highline Guitars

With A Guitar Nut, Why Even Use A Zero Fret?

As with all design options on a guitar, there are advantages and disadvantages.


  • Saves production time- Running the strings over a zero fret automatically establishes proper string action, making the guitar setup easier instead of adjusting the nut to do the same function and relieving the pressure from the nut material.
  • String gauge options With a zero fret, you can use any gauge string regardless of thickness and switch between gauges without additional nut modifications. (i.e. reslotting or nut replacement.)


Divots Or Wear 

Based on the fret material, if substandard, Divots will begin to develop where the string rests on its surface, made from downward force from the string tension and tuning, resulting in string touch on the frets, as well as “clicking” that you will feel and hear, leaving you with buzzing, unwanted sounds and playability.

Other Features

Soundhole Placement

Outside of the “Enya” Logo soundhole under the strings, it has a secondary hole on the top of the body’s arch, resulting in an instant sonic response like a monitor. (See image)

Enya Nova Go Guitar-Image of Guitar soundholes

Image of the Enya logo-based soundhole and secondary soundhole on the arch of the instrument-Image courtesy of Amazon

Carry Case

This Nova Go acoustic guitar comes with a custom-made EVA case, with the case strap doubling as a guitar strap. (Strap locks included)

The EVA is a cross between a gig bag and a hard shell

Other FAQ

How Long Does Carbon Fibre Last?

It’s uncertain, but Scientists suggest that the material can generally last over 50 years.

Do Carbon Fibre Guitars Warp Over Time?

Carbon fibre does not expand, contract, or warp when exposed to temperature changes or varying humidity levels and, over time, will stay stable.


Pros & Cons

  • Made From A Carbon Fibre Composite Material-Stronger & More Durable Than Wood
  • Environmental & Humidity Proof-High Temperature Tolerance & Low Thermal Expansion
  • Stable – Will Not Warp Or Crack
  • Acoustic Tones -Loud With Good Resonance With No Amplification Needed
  • Smart SP1 Preamp System
  • Line Output Jack /Audio Interface & USB Charging Port
  • App (Bluetooth) Compatible
  • Lightweight
  • Low cost
  • Lots of Color Options[
  • Nickle Silver Zero Fret Material (Substandard)
  • Does Not Come In A Nylon String Option

Enya Nova Go Guitar-Image of the SP1 guitars grouped and as a CTA button

Final Thoughts

Made In China/Asia Guitars Are Common

Once American-made high-end guitars go into production, most builders build economic versions; they are farmed out to manufacturers and support factories in Asia, so making an instrument in China is commonplace.

You can use the standard guitar model in wet environments but would be more attentive with the SP1 model.

Also, it does not come in a nylon string option, but you can modify it for nylon string use.

The lifespan of the Lithium Ion battery (included) is uncertain, but when it is fully charged can be played for comfortably 2 hours.

Nickle Fret Material

This instrument sports frets that are not stainless steel or titanium, which would be an excellent option for this design.

With the comeback of the zero frets, you would not expect an instrument designed for longetivity to be paired with a substandard fret material.

Would You Add This To Your Collection?


This is a very well-done instrument, regardless of where they are manufactured.

It is set up nicely and ready for use, and it is an excellent value for the price.

Also, having Carbon Fibre as a material for guitarists is an excellent option sonically, for even Carbon Fibre picks give you a brighter sound than nylon.

Did You Like This Article

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I would like to hear your comments in the section below, and if you would like me to review a favourite guitar, give me a shout-out.

As always, stay the course and keep playing.

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CTA Image courtesy of Amazon
Enya Nova Go Guitar-Image of the G string logo

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The Enya Nova Go Guitar SP1 Acoustic Electric


Carbon Fibre Composite Material


Smart SP1 Preamp System


Output Jack /Audio Interface & USBC Port


Zero Fret Design


APP Options



  • Environmental Proof
  • Stable & Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Color Options
  • Versatile


  • Nickle Silver Zero Fret Material
  • No Nylon String Option

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    • Really great and thorough article on the Enya Nova Go SP1. I just bought one and it arrived yesterday. Love it, though I too am a bit concerned whether the zero fret wire will hold up. Do you think it could be replaced?

      Geoff Smith September 23, 2023 1:18 am Reply
      • Hello Geoff

        Nice to meet you and thanks for your positive feedback on our post.

        To answer your question, YES they can be replaced easily enough, your guitar tech should have no issues upgrading the zero fret with a better quality replacement (i.e. Stainless steel.)

        Depending on your strings gauge and playing, you should have some time before this needs to be done, but keep an eye on the fret when you are changing strings.

        You will see grooves start to occur, and know by how the guitar feels when it needs to be replaced.

        I hope that helps.

        Enjoy your new guitar, and thank you again for supporting our site.


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    • I’ve had my Enya Nova SP1 for 3 weeks and can honestly say I’m in love with it…..I can’t put it down meaning I can’t stop playing it!
      I’ve plugged it into my Fender blonde twin Tone Master and it’s like crazy good.
      I’m thinking of buying a second one and putting nylon strings on it!
      5 star rating from me, hands down.
      And thanks again for your great video(s)

      Mark Owens October 8, 2023 8:28 pm Reply
      • Hello Mark

        First off thank you for coming by our site and leaving your comments.

        Its great to hear how the SP1 sounds through your amp, and that you are so impressed with the instrument that you want to purchase a second model.

        Keep on making music with your new Carbon Fiber Ax and do not hesitate to visit us again to leave your thoughts.

        Cheers from Dino@Gsringuitars

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